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Discipline and Bonus Parents

Welcome!! We made it to a new year and I’m so happy to have you with us on this journey. This year I plan to have monthly topics and along with the topic, I will feature a blended family and their story. Oh and I can't forget photos :) I'll be doing a mini session with all of my featured families! Interested in being featured? Please send an email to arminta@amblended.com. One more thing that's in the work and that I'm super excited about is our podcast!! Stay tuned for that.

Now on to business... To kick of January, this month's topic is "Disciplining and Bonus Parents." How do you all feel about that? Lets talk.

To start this month off, I decided to feature my own family and to discuss how our dynamic with disciplining works for us. Miles’ bonus mom has been in his life since he was very little. So with that being said, when he's alone with her, I fully expect that she would discipline Miles as needed. Now keep in mind, his father and I handle the heavy lifting when it comes to that and luckily for us, he's a pretty easy going kid, so we don't have to put our foot down often with him.

I believe that the younger a child is when the bonus parent steps in, the easier it is for a bonus parent to have that authoritative role in a child's life. However, I still think that it's very important for all of the adults to sit down and go over expectations when it comes to discipline and make sure everyone is on the same page, and in agreement with how things will be done. To be fully honest, we've never done this (take this as a "do as I say, not as I do," type of thing lol). Miles' bonus mom has been present most of his life and he's 10 now. So for us we just kinda fell into a routine that works.

I know this is a tricky subject, because most of us parents have our own ideas and feelings behind how our kids should be disciplined. The reality is that there will come a time when something needs to be done, so why not prepare for it ahead of time.

How do feel about this topic and how does this work in your families dynamic?

Check out some recent photos from our last session for the holidays. They put up with my photo antics every year and I'm grateful!

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